Silverstar™ Staining Kit from Bioneer

Ordering Information

This kit is designed to increase DNA detection sensitivity over 20-fold by using an enhancing solution*, compared to conventional silver staining systems. Silverstar™ Staining kit enables detection of minute amounts of DNA (1 pg DNA/mm2 band cross-selection) due to the enhancing solution*, and can be applied to various analyses such as DDRT, SSCP, VNTR, and RAPD, as well as DNA sequencing gel.

You are able to perform experiment safely since radioisotopes are not required, and it is convenient to use since each reagent in the kit is packed separately and is disposable. One advantage of silver staining is the rapidness of DNA analysis. While it takes more than one day when radioisotopes are used, it takes one and a half hours to obtain results with DNA silver staining, including the three steps of fixing, staining, and developing the gel.

Technical Tips

Triple distilled water must be used for silver staining.
* Licensed from Bioneer Corporation under U.S. Pat. No. 6,127,122