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Enzyme-mediated HotStart

RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase (KR 10-984483)

RocketScript™ was born from cutting-edge protein engineering coupled with Bioneer's unique ability to efficiently screen the multitudes of mutants for the best possible results.

Figure 1
Figure 1. Structure of RocketScript™ reverse transcriptase

Protein engineering
We analyzed the structure and thermodynamics of native M-MLV and applied numerous point mutations to increase the thermostability without compromising reverse transcription performance. Afterwards, we synthesized each individual gene and expressed the numerous variants to screen them on thermostability and performance. We selected the best candidate and named it RocketScript™ for its unparalleled performance.

The Problem

Complex secondary structures in RNA molecules prevent efficient cDNA synthesis

The Solution

Melt the stems and loops so the reverse transcriptase can do its job.


Increase sensitivity for RNA targets
Maximize specificity with full-length cDNA products

RocketScript™ is Bioneer’s exclusive M-MLV based thermostable reverse transcriptase (RTase). Native M-MLV RTase has maximum activity at relatively low temperatures (42 °C), causing several problems in reverse transcription of complex secondary structure RNA molecules. RocketScript™ has thermostable activity (42~70 °C), allowing efficient cDNA synthesis from complex secondary structure RNA. Melt the stems and loops keeping you away from your results.


Figure 2

Figure 2. Compared to a leading reverse transcription product (B), RocketScript™ (A) shows excellent stability at all tested temperatures. (Target gene: Human Myc (495 bp)). Lanes 1-4 are 100, 10, 1 and 0.1 ng human total RNA extracted from HeLa cells, respectively.

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