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Platform Technologies from Bioneer

Molecular diagnostics is an integrated fusion technology of reagents and instruments.


The three key performance metrics of reagents are sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. In this light, Bioneer’s RocketScript RTase, Enzyme-mediated HotStart, Dual-HotStart, AccuPower technologies are core technologies for bringing the key performance metrics to global standards.

The most important factors for molecular diagnostic instrumentation are user convenience (automation), reproducibility and contamination prevention. Because Bioneer’s diagnostic platforms were designed with these factors in mind, they deliver the most convenience and performance for the targeted user segment. From Exicycler™ 96 to ExiPrep™, ExiStation™, ExiStation™ HT etc. all Bioneer diagnostic instruments have been designed with flexibility as well, so they can be used not only in traditional molecular diagnostics but be applied to assays that harness the outstanding sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid amplification.

Bioneer is geared to lead the molecular diagnostics market with technology, and with continuous accumulation of intellectual property, become a trend-setter instead of a fast-follower.