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ExiStation™ Universal Molecular Diagnostic System

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ExiStation™ Universal Molecular Diagnostic System is an innovative semi-automated real-time qPCR based molecular diagnostic system. ExiStation™ is a workflow platform consisting of three ExiPrep™ 16 Dx nucleic acid extraction instruments and one Exicycler™ 96 real-time quantitative thermal cycler.

ExiStation™ is able to process on average 36 samples per hour, and is able to handle up to 6 different types of clinical samples within a single run. The system also contains a refrigeration function to preserve the nucleic acids and diagnostic reagents. ExiStation™ is a pipetting-free system that mixes the extracted nucleic acids with the diagnostic reagents automatically, increasing convenience, practicality and reproducibility.

ExiStation™ Manager Software

ExiStation™ Manager Software is the software interface used to control ExiPrep™ 16 Dx instruments for target nucleic acid extraction and purification from clinical samples, Exicycler™ 96 for amplification and detection of targets via qPCR, and perform analysis post-examination.

After selecting the ExiPrep™ 16 Dx unit desired for use, enter the sample information and select the type of assay you would like to run. The software will automatically select the extraction protocol optimized for the clinical sample type and target nucleic acid type that is selected, and also route qPCR protocol information to the qPCR control software module. Allocate NTCs, PCs and samples and enter sample information (or use the optional barcode reader). After physically loading the samples within the selected ExiPrep™ 16 Dx, initiate extraction. The software will display the elapsed and expected finishing times.

After nucleic acid extraction and purification is complete, ExiPrep™ 16 Dx will automatically pipette the correct amount of eluent in the diagnostic kits that have been placed before the extraction run. The sample information is forwarded to the qPCR control module for a seamless diagnostic workflow. All extracted samples will be listed for allocation to a 96-well plate map. Assign the samples you would like to run, and initiate qPCR for final results within 2 hours.

Workflow Overview

ExiStation Workflow