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ExiPrep™48 Dx Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

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ExiPrep™48 Dx

ExiPrep™48 Dx is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument designed to enable rapid extraction of DNA or RNA within a short period of time. ExiPrep™48 Dx is able to handle various numbers of sample from 8 to 48 per each run, as a multiple of 8. Furthermore, automatic pipetting and punching function of the instrument reduces errors caused due to manual pipetting and punching, which ensures uniform and reproducible extraction of nucleic acids.

The instrument largely consists of the syringe part, heating block and the cooling system. The syringe part is responsible for pipetting samples and buffers, and ensures that the correct volume of samples or buffers is transferred at each step. The heating block improves speed and efficiency of extraction procedures by applying heat, while the cooling system allows short-term storage of the extracted nucleic acids at low temperature.

Benefits & Features

1. Extract nucleic acids from maximum of 48 samples per each run
ExiPrep™48 Dx can extract nucleic acids from up to 48 clinical samples per each run that enables handling of large number of samples.

2. Easy-to-use UI

The user-friendly user interface allows users to select different extraction protocols and many other functions including UV sterilization using the 13.3-inch touch screen. Also, users can inspect the progress of the extraction run while the instrument is running.

3. Optimized Extraction Protocols
ExiPrep™48 Dx has pre-programmed extraction protocols optimized for reproducible extraction results. Each protocol can be selected according to the sample type and nucleic acids type. Additional protocols can be added through external input device.

4. Magnetic block & Heating block

Magnetic blocks and heating blocks of the instrument allow rapid and efficient nucleic acid extraction. The magnetic blocks enable uniform and rapid attachment of magnetic particles at the bottom of each well of the Buffer Cartridges that allows high extraction efficiency, while the heating blocks apply heat to increase elution efficiency and to ensure complete evaporation of ethanol.

5. Anti-Contamination System

Anti-contamination system (Contamination Shield) with the enclosed syringe block prevents potential cross-contamination that can occur due to tip droplets and external contaminants. Contamination Shield is attached beneath disposable filter tips and moves along with the syringe block, so that the droplets from filter tips can be prevented. Furthermore, filter tips and filter tip rack are designed to be used once only to minimize potential contamination risk.

6. Automatic UV Sterilization Function
Built-in UV sterilization system allows sterilization of the instrument chamber before and after extraction runs, eliminating any potential internal and external contamination.

7. Automatic Punching Function
ExiPrep™48 Dx includes a puncher and an automatic punching function that allows punching of the sealing film of the Buffer Cartridges. This function enhances user convenience and eliminates problems that may arise during manual punching.

8. Fully compatible with ExiStation™ System
ExiPrep™48 Dx is fully compatible with ExiStation™ Universal Molecular Diagnostic System. Using the built-in PC, the molecular diagnostic platform ExiStation™ system, which is composed with ExiPrep™ 48 Dx and Exicycler™ 96, can be operated.