ExiPrep™ Dx Blood Viral DNA Kit

High-yield viral DNA extraction kit using with ExiPrep™16 Dx instrument

Ordering Information

ExiPrep Dx Blood Viral DNA Kit

Intended Use

ExiPrep™ Dx Blood Viral DNA Kit is for the high-purity, high-yield extraction of viral DNA from whole blood using the fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument ExiPrep™16 Dx. The lysis buffer and Proteinase K contained in the product efficiently lyse all cells and proteins in the blood sample to release DNA. The binding buffer, silica-coated magnetic beads and external magnetic field work in harmony to bind and extract DNA from cellular debris. The debris is washed multiple times to purify the bound DNA, which is released through an elution step using a Dnase-free elution buffer.

Features and Benefits

 Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acids from up to 16 clinical samples
 Optimized protocols for nucleic acid extraction according to sample types are pre-installed for reproducible results.
 ExiPrep™Dx system uses silica magnetic beads developed and produced with Bioneer’s technology.


Components Quantity Note
Buffer Cartridge ① 6 ea  
Buffer Cartridge ② 6 ea  
Disposable Filter Tip 3 packs 32 ea/pack
Elution Tube/ Elution Tube Cap 1 packs 12 ea/pack
Sample Loading Tubes 6 packs 16 ea/pack
Waste Tray 1 packs 3 ea/pack
Protection Cover 4 packs 3 ea/pack
Contamination Shield Filter Paper 1 packs 12 ea/pack