AccuPower® Salmonella spp. 3-Plex PCR Kit from Bioneer

Diagnosis of Salmonella common gene (InvA) and 2 serotypes [S. Choleraesuis (SC) & S. Typhimurium (ST)]

Ordering Information

 AccuPower® Salmonella spp. 3-Plex PCR Kit provides one-step detection of 2 serotypes (S. Choleraesuis and
  Typhimurium) and InvA common gene existed in Salmonella spp.

 This featured kit is comprised of all the essential requirements for PCR reactions including primer, salts, dNTPs, and
   stabilizers in one tube to provide the ready-to-use premix format product. Users only need to add template DNA and ddH20
   to perform the test.

 AccuPower® Salmonella spp. 3-Plex PCR Kit is optimized to the application in processing multiple diagnostic samples by
   the Labchip GX I (Caliper Life Sciences) automated system. Detection limit of this kit is 1 x 104 CFU/ml.

  AccuPower® Salmonella
spp. 3-Plex PCR Kit
B Company (Chile) G Company (Germany) N Company (Canada) S Company (China)
  InvA + (Detected) Single detected Single detected Single detected Single detected
S. Choleraesuis + (Detected) - (Not Detected) - (Not Detected) - (Not Detected) - (Not Detected)
S. Typhimurium + (Detected) - (Not Detected) Single detected - (Not Detected) - (Not Detected)
Notes   Able to diagnose serotypes Unable to diagnose serotypes

* QIA: Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency, Korea

Features and Benefits

Developed cooperatively with QIA, and Application of patent completed (Patented)

 Fast response:
   Less than 2-hr detection of 2 serotypes ST (S. Typhimurium) & SC (S. Choleraesuis) and Salmonella spp. common gene
   (InvA) through one 2-step PCR reaction in a tube.

 The optimized sensitivity and specificity:
   Confirmed on the 111 in-field strains owned by QIA.
   Application of patented Enzyme-mediated HotStart technology: 1x104 CFU/ml of optimized sensitivity, possible exclusion of
   false potisive.

 Great reproducibility:
   Dried-type HotStart PCR PreMix type – Addition of template DNA and DW only required & highly reproducible result

 Prevention of amplicon-induced cross-contamination by 8-MOP:
   Binding of 8-MOP (8-methoxypsoralen) to DNA double-helix structure, followed by UV irradiation.

 High Stability:
   1-year warranty under -20°C.

 Quality Control:
   All AccuPower® products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control System.


Multiplex PCR of pathogen detection with cDNA/complex genomic DNA/low-copy template DNA