AccuPower® Porcine Respiratory 4-Plex PCR Kit from Bioneer

AccuPower® Porcine Respiratory 4-Plex PCR Kit simultaneously detects four pathogens of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App), Actinobacillus suis (A. suis), Haemophilus parasuis (H. Parasuis) and Streptococcus suis (S. Suis) that cause a porcine respiratory disease.

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 Bacterial respiratory disease in pigs takes place all over the world. It usually becomes worse due to stress from poor
   ventilation and temperature change, as well as secondary infection after viral infection. It causes economic damages
   arising from death and reduced productivity. Typical pathogens include Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App),
   Actinobacillus suis (A. suis), Haemophilus parasuis (H. Parasuis)
and Streptococcus suis (S. Suis).

 Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App), a pathogen for pleuropneumonia, causes sudden death in adult and immature pigs

 Actinobacillus suis (A. suis) normally stays in porcine tonsil, nasal cavity, or vagina, and it causes acute sepsis,
   pneumonia, arthritis, abortion and swine erysipelas in poor immune status or worse management condition.

 Haemophilus parasuis (H. parasuis), the Causal Body of Glasser's Disease, causes respiratory pneumonia and systemic
    polyserositis. A growing pig usually shows symptoms such as sneezing, anorexia, high fever, a weight loss, joint swelling,
   conjunctivitis, etc. During chronic progression, mortality rate as high as 10~50% has been reported.

 Streptococcus suis (S. suis) infection causes porcine respiratory disease most frequently among Streptococcus species
    and also develops into pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, chronic bronchitis, etc.

  AccuPower® Porcine Respiratory 4-Plex PCR Kit Standard Diagnostic Method for Animal Disease (QIA) A Company (France) B Company (Chile)
App + (Multiplex) +(Singleplex)
A. suis - (Not detected)
H. parasuis +(Singleplex) -(Not detected) +(Singleplex)
S. suis +(Singleplex) -(Not detected)
Notes LoD: 4x104 cfu/ml
Using a preMix dried kit
Singleplex PCR
Using a solution mix kit

*QIA: Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency, Korea

Features and Benefits

Developed and patented in cooperation with QIA

 Fast response:
   Less than 2 hour simultaneous detection of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Actinobacillus suis, Haemophilus parasuis,
   and Streptococcus suis through a 2 step PCR reaction in a single tube.

 The optimized sensitivity and specificity:
   Confirmed on the 143 in-field strains owned by QIA.
   By applying patented enzyme-mediated HotStart technology, achieved a sensitivity of 4x104 CFU/ml with possible
   exclusion of false potisive.

 Excellent reproducibility:
   Use of dried-type PCR PreMix only requires simple addition of template DNA and DW, which provides highly reproducible

 Prevention of amplicon-induced cross-contamination by 8-MOP addition

 High Stability:
   1 year warranty under -20 °C.

 Quality Control:
   All AccuPower® products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control System.


Multiplex PCR of pathogen detection with cDNA/complex genomic DNA/low-copy template DNA