AccuPower® ETEC-Toxin 4-Plex PCR Kit from Bioneer

Diagnosis of pathogenic 4 types of E. coli toxin gene [LT, STa, STb & STX2e]

Ordering Information

 AccuPower® ETEC-Toxin 4-Plex PCR Kit provides one-step detection of 4 types of toxins produced by ETEC E. coli
   in animals: LT, STa, STb, and STX2e. This featured kit is comprised of all the essential requirements for PCR reactions
   including primer, salts, dNTPs, and stabilizers in one tube to provide the ready-to-use premix format product.
   Users only need to add template DNA and ddH20 to perform the test.

 AccuPower® ETEC-Toxin 4-Plex PCR Kit is optimized to application in processing multiple diagnostic samples by the
   Labchip GX I (Caliper Life Sciences) automated system. Detection limit of this kit is 1x104 CFU/ml.

  AccuPower® ETEC-Toxin
4-Plex PCR Kit
Animal Disease Standard Diagnostic Method (QIA) G Company
LT + (Detected) + + (Single detected)
STa + + - (Not detected)
STb + + - (Not detected)
STX2e + + - (Not detected)
Notes PreMix dried kit,
Detection limit of 104 cfu/ml
Master solution Mix Master solution Mix

* QIA: Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency, Korea

Features and Benefits

Developed cooperatively with QIA, and Application of patent completed (Patented)

 Fast response:
   Less than 2-hr detection of 5 types of toxins (LT, STa, STb and STX2e) produced by ETEC E. coli in animals through one
   2-step PCR reaction in a tube.

 The optimized sensitivity and specificity:
   Confirmed on the 171 in-field strains owned by QIA.
   Application of patented Enzyme-mediated HotStart technology: 1x104 CFU/ml of optimized sensitivity, possible exclusion of
   false potisive.

 Great reproducibility:
   Dried-type HotStart PCR PreMix type – Addition of template DNA and DW only required & highly reproducible result

 Prevention of amplicon-induced cross-contamination by 8-MOP:
   Binding of 8-MOP (8-methoxypsoralen) to DNA double-helix structure, followed by UV irradiation.

 High Stability:
   1-year warranty under -20°C.

 Quality Control:
   All AccuPower® products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control System.


Multiplex PCR of pathogen detection with cDNA/complex genomic DNA/low-copy template DNA