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Human diagnostics kits

Performance and choice: Bioneer’s Molecular Diagnostic Kits


As the global molecular diagnostics market rapidly continues to expand, the need for menu variety also continues to increase. To answer this need, we have developed a diagnostic kit portfolio of over 40 targets. We have also addressed the need for sample prep reagents, thus being able to provide a total solution for molecular diagnostic reagents.

ExiPrep™ nucleic acid extraction kits are optimized for the various clinical sample types and target nucleic acids.
To maximize the yield and purity of extraction, protocols have been designed for each clinical sample type and target nucleic acid combination. The buffer cartridges used within the kits are triple-sealed to prevent contamination, and all necessary consumables are contained within the kit to maximize user convenience.

AccuPower diagnostic kits are the product of years of technology development. From hepatitis to tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, the menu is configured to target a broad spectrum of diseases. By developing the kits through Bioneer’s unique primer-matrix development process, the primer/probe pairs contained within the kits have been experimentally proven to perform and are continuously being proven in the field.

Due to the inherent high sensitivity and specificity of molecular diagnostics, many targets are now being assayed through molecular diagnostics. Join Bioneer in introducing the new wave of diagnostics into your laboratory.