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A. DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis  Show1

  1. DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

B. RNAi  Show1

  1. siRNA
  2. miRNA

C. SAMiRNA™ Custom Service  Show1

  1. In vivo siRNA Delivery

D. DNA/RNA Amplification   Show1

  1. DNA Amplification
  2. RNA Amplification
  3. Real-Time PCR
  4. Customized PCR- All in one tube

E. DNA/RNA Purification  Show1

  1. Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits: ExiProgen™/ExiPrep
  2. Magnetic Bead Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction: MagListo
  3. Spin Column Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits: AccuPrep®
  4. 96-Well Vacuum Block Type Nucleic Acid Extraction
  5. Solution Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits: AccuZol
  6. Accessory

F. Gene Synthesis  Show1

  1. Gene Synthesis Service
  2. Mutagenesis Service
  3. Gene Cloning Service
  4. Rapid Gene Synthesis Service
  5. AccuGeneBlock Service

G. DNA Sequencing  Show1

  1. DNA Sequencing Service
  2. Sequencing Reagents

H. Genome-wide Functional Analysis  Show1

  1. S. pombe Mutant Library
  2. S. cerevisiae VN-Fusion Library
  3. Genome-wide Drug Target Identification Service (GPScreen™)
  4. qPCR array service

I. Protein Expression and Purification  Show1

  1. Automated Expression and Purification using ExiProgen
  2. Manual Expression and Purification
  3. Preparation of Template DNA for Protein Expression
  4. Protein Service

J. Enzymes  Show1

  1. DNA Polymerase
  2. Reverse Transcriptase
  3. DNA Ligase
  4. Restriction Enzymes

K. Ladders & Markers  Show1

  1. DNA Size Markers
  2. Protein Size Markers

L. Buffers & Chemicals  Show1

  1. Buffers
  2. Chemicals

M. Instruments  Show1

  1. Conventional PCR
  2. Real-Time PCR
  3. DNA/RNA Preparation
  4. Electrophoresis Device
  5. Incubator
  6. Vortexing & Spin-down