Bioneer News Releases

Bioneer’s participation in MEDLAB 2017

Bioneer Zika Detection Kit Eligible for WHO Procurement


Bioneer Gets Korean Approval for Zika Detection Kit

Bioneer receives CE-IVD for Zika Detection Kit

Bioneer inks $9.2M licensing agreement with Yuhan for SAMiRNA Drug Development

Bioneer has decided on new rights issue to Yuhan Co., Ltd in a third party allocation

Bioneer supply MERS diagnostic kit

Emory Genetics Renews Supply Contract with Bioneer

Human breast milk-derived Lb. gasseri BNR17

Bioneer Wins Grant to Develop SAMiRNA Drug for Dengue Fever

Lucy Jumeyi OGBADU, president of Nigeria NABDA, pays a visit and signs an MOU

Bioneer expands MDx portfolio with new CE-IVD marked kits

RNAi Research Products Special Offer

AccuTarget™ Human miRNA mimic & inhibitor from Bioneer

Bioneer signs supply contract with Emory Genetics Laboratory, USA

Bioneer introduces an innovative Combination Vortexer/Centrifuge, ExiSpin
Bioneer is proud to introduce the ExiSpin™, the first system of its kind that combines the functions of a vortexer and a centrifuge into a single, indispensable product.
The ExiSpin™ can be programmed to function as a vortexer, a micro-centrifuge, or set to a sequential spin/vortex/spin (SVS) mode to resuspend samples and mix enzyme reactions. The ExiSpin™ comes complete with 2 rotors for your convenience, a 12 place rotor for micro-centrifuge tubes and a 32 place rotor for 4 x 8 strip PCR tubes. Use it to resuspend bacterial pellets, DNA and RNA.
The ExiSpin™ is backed by a comprehensive 2 year warranty and is priced for value. Contact Bioneer today for more information and make an appointment for our comprehensive "30-second" demo.
For more information on the ExiSpin™, click here.
Bioneer® and ExiSpin™ are trademarks of Bioneer Corporation.

Analysis of a genome-wide set of gene deletions in the fission yeast S. pombe Nature Biotechnology

International Team Develops Fission Yeast Deletion Library GenomeWeb

S. pombe Genome-wide Deletion Mutant Library
Bioneer is proud to introduce the most complete S. pombe Genome-wide Deletion Mutant Library in the world. Developed in collaboration with Sir Paul Nurse at CRC (Cancer Research Center, UK, currently President, Rockefeller University, USA) and The Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (KRIBB), the genome-wide S. pombe library is a powerful tool for drug discovery and protein function research.
This genome-wide S. pombe deletion collection covers more than 98% of genome consisting of > 4,900 genes. As each deletion strain has distinct tags, functional analysis can be performed both in a gene-specific manner and a genome-wide scale. Two different sets of mutant collections are available: h+ haploids and h+/ h+ diploids.
The S. pombe deletion collection is ideal for drug discovery, HCS drug target screening as well as protein function studies. For more information on Bioneer's S. pombe deletion collection, go to

AccuTarget™ siRNA Products and Services
Bioneer is proud to introduce AccuTarget siRNA Products and Services featuring our 80% knockdown guarantee. Bioneer siRNA's are designed with a unique siRNA algorithm built in to our Turbo si-Designer software that identifies highly effective siRNA target sites with remarkably high knockdown rates. This results in siRNAs with extraordinary knockdown efficiency, and minimal off-target effects.
Bioneer offers pre-made libraries for siRNA that are genome wide or pathway specific. As well as thousands of pre-validated siRNA's many with knockdown rates > 90%. Of course Bioneer offers real-time primers to validate knockdown rates and as well as a full range of control siRNA's.
For more information on Bioneer siRNA's products and services, go to

AccuPower® PreMix Series for PCR, RT-PCR and Ligation
Bioneer is proud to introduce the AccuPower PreMix Series for PCR, RT-PCR and Ligation applications. AccuPower PreMix Series is a family of lyophilized PreMixes formulated for molecular biology applications. Each tube or plate has all the components of a MasterMix (enzyme, buffer, dNTP's) lyophilized with a stabilizer that maintains full activity for over one month at room temperature, and two years in the Freezer. Simply add your primers and template it's that easy.
AccuPower PCR enzymes include Top Polymerase, which is 3 x faster than Taq, TLA Polymerase, a High Fidelity Polymerase that is almost 2 x faster than Taq and can be used for Long PCR, as well as Reverse Transcriptases that can be used for "Cyclic RT" to amplify rare transcripts. For more information on Bioneer's AccuPower PreMix Series, go to

Bioneer Releases H1N1 Virus Diagnostic Kit BioSpectrum Pharma

SciQuest offers Bioneer Products
Bioneer has expanded access to our products through SciQuest's procurement process.
If you use the SciQuest Supplier Network to purchase your genomics products and tools, Bioneer is poised to provide you with our novel products and services coupled with the best value pricing on the market today.
1. Login to your SciQuest account.
2. On the main menu -> select Product Search
3. At the sub-menu -> select Search Tools
4. Select the tab -> Product Search
5. Enter the search term -> Bioneer
It is as easy as that! This quick-step set up can be done within a couple of minutes and you are on your way to the highest efficacy products available.

Bioneer offers Customizable Websites
Do you need your own website to order molecular biology products? Bioneer offers customizable website uniquely for your institution! Bioneer's customizable website gives you the flexibility to create the blueprint for the information viewable to your company or institution's audience and allows you to create a Bioneer website that is exclusively designed to fit your specific needs. The Bioneer Design Tool gives you the options to choose a standardized uneditable field to store billing and/or shipping address for all orders and can include a field that can house information specific to the individual recipient. There are options available if you need to designate or restrict the choices of your orders. Your custom website can also store information that is or is not viewable in order to secure blanket, standing purchase order numbers or payment information. Bioneer Custom Website
Eases your daily order process
Saves your time
Is flexible with customizable options
Minimizes your procurement and logistics mistakes
Allows internal controls of sensitive information
Call us today to discuss how Bioneer's custom websites can offer solutions designed to your every need. Website set-up is free of charge.